JackkerouacbyorigaJACK KEROUAC: il 21 ottobre moriva un poeta (1922-1969). Nel 1947 scrive On the road in tre settimane, su un lunghissimo rotolo di carta e per la prima volta usa l’espressione beat generation.

"I stuck my head out of the window and
took deep breaths of the fragrant air. It was the most beautiful of all
moments. The madman was a brakeman with the Southern Pacific and he
lived in Fresno; his father was also a brakeman. He lost his toe in the
Oakland yards, switching, I didn’t quite understand how. He drove me
into buzzing Fresno and let me off by the south side of town. I went
for a quick Coke in a little grocery by the tracks, and here came a
melancholy Armenian youth along the red boxcars, and just at that
moment locomotive howled, and I said to myself, Yes, yes, Saroyan town."
On the Road)

Jack Kerouac,
portrait by Origa, pen&ink + pantone,  framed for Nòva100, october 2008 (print on canvas 50×60 available on demand, origa foundation@gmail.com)