TWITTER & FACEBOOK: Guide for Journalists

TWITTER & FACEBOOK: Guide for Journalists.

Twitter has become an invaluable tool for journalists when it comes to finding sources and sharing stories. Now the microblogging site has released a guide that shows reporters how to best use the tool in their daily travails.

THE GUIDE, titled “Twitter for Newsrooms,” is a little bit obvious for anyone who uses Twitter on a daily basis. There’s no new info here, just tips on how to report, engage with other users and followers and how to use tweets in the process of reporting. But the fact that Twitter has launched an official guide for journalists is indicative of the impact of social media on the news.

Facebook recently undertook a similar initiative, launching a Page for journalists on FACEBOOK.

(via Mashable: Ben Parr – Brenna Ehlrich – the graziano origa daily)

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