PRINCE (screwdriver)

Prince Returns With New Song 'Screwdriver' and Lyric Video.

"Screwdriver," a new song from singer-songwriter Prince, has surfaced online along with a lyric video. The video appeared on, a never-before-seen website showcasing empty "STAY TUNED" boxes that presumably will be filled with videos.

A mysterious and fairly new Twitter account, 3rdEyeGirl, shared a link to late Tuesday. A YouTube account with the same "3rdEyeGirl" name also uploaded the video.

Rumor has it that 3rdEyeGirl is Prince's newly hired backing band, consisting of three female musicians, according to The Guardian.

The song comes on the heels of Billboard announcing Prince will receive the Billboard Icon Award at the Billboard Music Awards on May 19. Prince also graces the cover of the latest issue of Billboard magazine.